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LWC awarded Express Community Group of the Year Award 2018

LWC awarded Express Community Group of the Year Award 2018

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The Living Water Community was awarded “Community Group of the Year 2018” by the Express Newspapers.  Following is the article by Leah Sorias which appeared in the Express Newspaper of Tuesday, 01 January 2019:


The Living Water Community has been supporting thousands of needy persons and families since 1975 and continues to do so selflessly day after day. Their charitable efforts do not discriminate.

They extend a helping hand to families seeking refuge in Trinidad after fleeing a life of turmoil in their homeland.

They touched the lives of many who were thrown on the breadline after losing their jobs.

And when October’s floods devastated thousands of homes, the organisation sprang into action with aid to affected people.

During the Christmas season, the Living Water Community provided over 1,500 hampers to asylum seekers and needy families, and on Christmas Day, over 2,500 meals to the less fortunate.

It also continues to feed some 800 families nationwide every month.

For its tireless humanitarian work and extensive contributions to society last year, the organisation has been named the Express Community Group of the Year 2018. The honour is bestowed on a group or organisation which has made the most significant contribution to community or national development. The Living Water Community was founded by Rhonda Maingot and Rose Jackman in 1975.

When informed of the award yesterday, Maingot said she was thankful to God for the honour.
“I really appreciate this honour and being chosen as the Community Group of the Year. I thank God for the many, many people who have supported us and encouraged us during this year, especially all the times we were out there fundraising to keep our Ministries going,” she said via telephone.

In 1987, Maingot received the Express Individual of the Year Award for her contribution to Trinidad and Tobago as a social worker.

Asked about the highlights of the Living Water Community’s work in 2018, Maingot said:
“Firstly, the downturn in the economy which created a lot more people locally on the breadline, and many more people have come to us for help. And then we had the floods, and that was a huge challenge and undertaking for our community, which still is ongoing. I thank those who have helped us and contributed in so many different ways, so we were able them to help the flood victims.
“And of course the refugee and asylum-seeking population here in Trinidad and Tobago, again that has been a big challenge. The upsurge in people arriving and our ministry to them. And thanks be to God that we have come to the end of the year and we were able to help many. And we continue with that.”
She urged the population to open their hearts to asylum seekers who face difficult times.
“All throughout the whole world and certainly here in Trinidad and Tobago too many people are leaving their countries. They don’t like to leave but they have to leave. I hope we can welcome people and be kind to people and be compassionate to people who come here seeking some sort of refuge and protection,” Maingot stated.
As to her hope for the country in 2019, she said:
“Participation of the public of Trinidad and Tobago in the many challenges that we have. It’s together that we are going to really overcome. It’s not individuals or a Government, or an organisation but it’s together as a people who would love and open their hearts to one another and seek the way forward for a just and beautiful, peaceful society. I pray for that for our country and for all of us to be on that journey as well.”

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