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Sts Timothy & Titus – 26 Jan

Sts Timothy & Titus – 26 Jan

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St Timothy’s father was a Greek gentile, his mother Eunice was Jewish. Converted to Christianity by Saint Paul the Apostle around the year 47, he became a partner, assistant and close friend of Paul. Missionary. Head of the Church in Ephesus. Recipient of two canonical letters from Saint Paul. Martyred for opposing the worship of Dionysius.


Saint Titus was converted to the faith by the great apostle Saint Paul, and afterwards became his disciple and companion in his evangelical wanderings. In the year 63, Saint Paul created Titus bishop of Crete, and there addressed to him one of his wonderful Epistles. Later on Saint Titus labored at Nicopolis, and in Dalmatia, in the work of the Gospel; but after the martyrdom of Saint Paul he returned to his diocese of Crete, and died there at a very advanced age.


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