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CSCC Celebrates 25 Years

CSCC Celebrates 25 Years

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August 2019 is the 25th Anniversary of the Caribbean School for Catholic Communications (CSCC).  The CSCC method has evolved over the years and adjusted to the expansion of new media, digital tools, resources and Internet innovations.


The CSCC is a comprehensive initiative to prepare women and men to be informed and skilled pastoral communication leaders in their local faith communities.  The CSCC formation introduces participants to the theological, biblical, spiritual, catechetical and new evangelization groundings required to create meaningful communication messages which stimulate the religious imagination of their audience.


The CSCC formation includes the spiritual, intellectual and moral formation for the participants.


These objectives create a solid pastoral communications programme that is designed to make a difference for responding to Pope Francis’ call for ‘cultivating an experience of a living faith, mature discipleship and a new evangelization’ in the 21st century.


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