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Holy Week & Easter Masses/Services

Holy Week & Easter Masses/Services

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Celebrate Holy Week and Easter with us on Trinity TV (cable)
and Online at & 


 Sun Apr 05 – Palm Sunday

8.00 am   Holy Mass
(You are encouraged to secure palms/green branches at home which will be blessed by the Archbishop)

 (Delayed broadcast on TTT at 12.30pm and CCNTV6 at 3.00pm)


Thu Apr 09 – Holy Thursday

6.00 pm       Mass of the Lord’s Supper

(Delayed broadcast on TTT at 8.00pm)

Fri Apr 10 – Good Friday

3.00 pm         Celebration of the Lord’s Passion  – Good Friday Liturgy

(Live broadcast on TTT & CNC3 at 3.00pm)

Sat Apr 11 – Holy Saturday

6.00 pm         Easter Vigil Mass – Night of all Nights!!

(Delayed broadcast on TTT at 8.30pm)

Sun Apr 12 – Easter Sunday

8.00 am         Mass of the Resurrection

(Delayed broadcast on TTT at 12.30pm and CCNTV6 at 3.00pm)



Palm Sunday – 5th Apr

Lay palms on your front porch or somewhere suitable

-Your church might already have their palms on hand

-Or find some greenery from your yard!

Holy Thursday – 9th Apr

Re-enact the Last Supper in your home

-Everyone in the family washes someone else’s feet

-Leave a pitcher, bowl, and towel on your front porch or somewhere suitable

Good Friday – 10th Apr

Set a crucifix on your front porch, front yard or somewhere suitable

-Spend time in family prayer

-Pray the Stations of the Cross

Easter Vigil – 11th Apr

In the evening set a lit candle on your front porch or safely in your front window or somewhere suitable

-Spread the light of Christ to others

Easter Sunday – 12th Apr

HE IS RISEN!  Set a bare cross on your front porch, front window or somewhere suitable. Decorate the area with your usual Easter decorations for all to enjoy!  Take a picture of your Easter decorations and share with #JesusDontQuarantine


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