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Message from our Foundresses – June 2020

Message from our Foundresses – June 2020

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Dear Sisters & Brothers


This has been a dark and difficult time, but we know that Jesus has promised that He will send us His Holy Spirit:

“Go and wait for the power from on high….” (Acts 1:4)
Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth, come renew our Church, our families, our children, our schools and workplaces, our country, our world….
Come power from above; stronger than a mighty wind and stronger than an insidious micro virus, that seeks to destroy the face of God’s world!
Come and renew us.  Come and restore us, Come and give us your power!  Come!  Veni Sancto Spiritus!


Together, as the family of God, this invocation to the Holy Spirit on Pentecost weekend was the culmination of the journey in the Upper Room with our Archbishop. Thanks be to God.  What an incredible journey. Now it is time for each one of us to live this grace of renewal in our daily lives and in particular in our families.


As we come to the end of this journey in this seemingly dark tunnel of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, there is coming forth a great grace of change and expectancy. The silver lining from the dark cloud is emerging and the light that is cast upon us will be luminous and translucent.  Beautiful!


This time of lockdown and the experience of social distancing will cause us to see our true selves, our true nation, our true church, our true community, and to be cleansed of all the false notions.  It is a time that will enable us to pull off the mask of protection, false security and pretense, and to reveal the beauty of our creaturehood. God wants this and it is for this we were created – “to be the best version of ourselves”


The Spirit of Jesus, the “Advocate”, will teach us all things and as a community our hearts will be open to the surprises that the Spirit will send us. Our cleansing and purification over this period will help us to enter more fully into the civilization of love .. living a new way, not to hanker for the old patterns but to give our lives to this new life and energy that God is affording us:
To see how fragile life is, Covid-19 has no respect for persons small or great, rich or poor.

To experience the vulnerability of economics and the plight of the poor.
To be open to the face of Christ in every person that comes before us and above all to silence our internal battle cry and put down our violence, starting with violence towards ourselves and our loved ones.


A new and beautiful life from the ashes and the graves of Covid-19 will emerge.  Jesus has won the victory and we have victory in Him.  We here at LWC will continue to offer our lives and continue to be open to all that God wants to do through us, so that God’s Kingdom will come and that streams of Living Water will flow through the lands.


Blessings upon each and every one of you who have made this journey with us as a community and for your tremendous support and encouragement during this time. Thank you and know that in the “world we will have trials but God is with us” (John 16:33).  He has won the victory for us over Covid-19.  Praise and bless His Holy Name!


In anticipation, we look forward to the opening up of our churches when we may again be able to participate in the celebration of the Mass and receive the Holy Sacrament. What joy will fill our hearts on this blessed and glorious day.


May the comfort of Jesus and His Mother be with anyone who has experienced pain and suffering by separation, death or any other trying situation arising during this pandemic time.  Our prayerful and loving support is with each and every one of you.


May Jesus and His Blessed Mother continue to embrace us in their tender love…….Rose & Rhonda

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