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Trinity Communications Network (TCN)
‘TCN’ was formed to put means of communication at the service of the Church Apostolate. It has a challenge to foster authentic Christian values that lead to the development of the whole person and the transformation of our society.

TCN’s primary function is to strengthen what is already present within our communities, challenging them to broaden horizons, take innovative steps and thus deepen their commitment to serve their wider communities. It is not an electronic Church and is not in competition with or a substitute for concrete Christian community (parish, lay community, various groups).

TCN’s programmes are broadcast on Channel 10 on cable television in Trinidad & Tobago and since February 2006 these programmes have also been available on the Internet. In February 2005, TCN launched out into the realm of cyberspace with all of the programming regularly broadcasted on TCN being accessible on Trinity Radio together with daily Mass and other live programmes/music).


ONE YEAR LATER On September 8th 2013, Trinity TV took a bold and pioneering step when it launched its own 24/7 cable channel, the first in the Caribbean region.

“I am delighted to learn that Trinity Communications Network now has the opportunity to bring its content to viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli (President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications).

Trinity TV immediately began to make in-roads into the traditional television market through its educational, spiritual, entertaining and informative programming. “We have the beginnings of a Catholic Caribbean Television Network. A network that can pull the Caribbean Catholic Churches together.” Bishop Jason Gordon (Bishop of Barbados, St. Vincent and Grenadines. Chairman of AEC Communications Commission.)

Trinity TV secured global partnerships with Vatican TV (CTV), Rome Reports News Agency, Aleteia Television Network from Italy; Telecare , EWTN, Family Theater Productions and Gateway Films from the United States and Salt and Light Television from Canada and continues to explore other avenues so as to bring a rich and diverse variety of Programming to its viewers.

As the Caribbean region’s Catholic communicators develop indigenous programmes, Trinity TV will embrace and include this content on the station. Already it receives regular content from Guyana.

On January 19th 2014, Trinity TV was introduced to millions of American viewers during Telecare’s annual telethon from New York. Lisa Bhajan (Station Manager) was interviewed via Skype by Msgr. James Vlaun, President and CEO of Telecare who acknowledged and encouraged this new partnership with TCN.

One of the popular programmes carried Telecare is ‘Conversations with Cardinal Dolan’. At a recent conference at Santa Croce Pontifical University, Card. Dolan shared, “We adhere to the best and highest standards,” indicating that this doesn’t only go for the latest in technological advancements, which are “critically important,” but also for “the way we use that technology,” because “how we say something is just as important as what we say.” Trinity TV adheres to this noble vision for Catholic communications.

PROGRAMMING One of goals of this new 24/7 transition has been to include and reach to the furthest corners of the island and with the acquisition of it’s new Mobile Unit, the crew has been able to go out on the road. The On-Location Team has accomplished many ‘firsts’ as a local/Caribbean station. Throughout the year they have brought to their viewers many Archdiocesan and parish events as well as concerts, seminars and, another first, a National Spelling B Competition for primary schools. Trinity TV was there when Cardinal Filoni arrived into Trinidad on November 29th, 2013 with a ‘live’ broadcast from Piarco Airport and covered the events of his visit.



Two new shows were added to the in-house production content – ‘Breakfast With The Deacons’ which is now the number one ‘good-news’ morning show on a Tuesday and Thursday and, ‘Christian Meditation, Prayer of the Heart’ that offers a simple way to reach that stillness at the core of our being. Team Trinity On-location traveled to Rome in February 2014 to cover the Ordinary Consistory for the Creation of New Cardinals including our new Caribbean Cardinals, Archbishop Kelvin Felix and Bishop Chibly Langlois. Clips from this event were beamed into hundreds of thousands of homes across the region.

“I have no doubt as we look into the future, Trinity TV will be acknowledged as a landmark event in the history of the Catholic Church in the Caribbean.” Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski (MHSH, D.Min. Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives and Professor in the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Dayton.) In April, Trinity TV’s On-Location crew were part of a world-wide team assembled in St.Peter’s Square for the Canonization of Saint John XXII and Saint John Paul II. More than 3 million had gathered in Rome and an estimated television audience of a billon viewers were switched on to this historic occasion. Trinity TV brought the event ‘live’ via CTV and EWTN links. A Trinity TV local desk kept viewers updated while the Vatican on-location crew sent regular ‘on-the-spot’ clips offering viewers a share in the excitement through interviews with pilgrims and visitors.


“My wish is that Trinity TV be the channel of choice for most people of Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean.” Joseph Harris (Archbishop of Port of Spain. Trinity TV is certainly on its way to accomplishing the Archbishop’s wish.)

Trinity TV’s viewing audience has increased overall by 40%. Some of their prime time programmes have climbed from 10% to just over 35% from all stations surveyed. Sunday and daily Live Mass coverage continues to attract a large audience and in all cases, surpasses the competition by 20%.

Gustavo Andujar (President of SIGNIS ) “We at SIGNIS are very proud of the work you are doing in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.” Social media has been embraced. Finding the necessary balance between television and the digital media, between the tangible and the virtual, Trinity TV invited the world in via the internet. Their Facebook page records between 2 to 4 thousand ‘hits’ a week as their base continues to grow, a base that has friends in every continent. The website and live feed broadcast of the ‘good news’ incorporates the creative, spiritual and educational content from a local and global perspective. Who could forget the first ‘papal selfie’ or Pope Francis loving embrace of the disfigured man – the ‘Pope with the people’ pictures are creating lots of noise across all social and traditional channels. On the Trinity TV Facebook page posts and photos from are often shared.

Trinity TV 24/7 continues to fulfill what Pope Francis asks, “to communicate the face of Church which is home to all.” Trinity TV believes no medium, new or old, should be overlooked when seeking the best way to present the Gospel message. “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Come journey and let the waters of life fill you with good news. Trinity TV… that you may have life.

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